Activities in ASP



ASP hosts small-group ACADEMIC INTERVENTION.Translated this means that children enrolled in that program are pulled out of our 90 minute academic component and spend 30 minutes with a trained intervention instructor working on iREADY. ASP tests students before they enter the invitation-only program to assess their level of understanding, and then track their success over the course of the year. For some, one year of intervention is all they need, and their school day teacher does not need to refer them back to ASP for a second year. Some students return, per the teacher’s recommendation for more support.

Intervention students have consistently shown progress on post-tests and many parents and teachers report in end-of-year surveys that they feel ASP was valuable to their student’s success, attendance, and homework.



PHYSICAL EDUCATION IN ASP (“MVPA” or Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity)

ASP thinks regular exercise that get children’s heart rates pumping multiple times per week is awesome! It is also a standard for us, so we make sure to provide a bare minimum of 80 min/per week of what we call MVPA. Keep in mind, PUSD students have MVPA during their school day as well, including the effort it takes to play at recess or walk across campus! ASP wants to be sure to supplement the child’s home life MVPA and school day MVPA with even more!

 In addition, each ASP has a goal of at least ONE nutrition-related event/game/project per week. Might be COOKING CLUB, might be playing NUTRITION JEOPARDY, might be taking a walk to a LOCAL GARDEN.


  ASP proudly offers daily access to  technology and the internet using iPads, Chromebooks, desktop computers and even LeapFrogs (still superfun!). They are used for all kinds of reasons…some students complete homework on the devices, some do research on the internet, some visit the website where all PUSD lessons taught are culled from, some receive online INTERVENTION, and when those tasks are done, some access fun learning websites (that we monitor all the time!)



Many ASP’s offer CLUBS to those interested like COOKING CLUB, SCIENCE CLUB, DANCE CLUB.(We really do have to work on our club-naming skills though, obviously…)These are typically guided by a staff member with an interest in a particular area, and in those cases, those passionate individuals are the perfect teachers!


In addition, all sites either through Executive Appointment or through elections, offer leadership opportunities for students.These “jobs” have titles such as STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL PRESIDENT, FUN TIMES AMBASSADOR or BANKER.Students take these jobs quite seriously, and a student-driven program is well-attended, academically more effective and frankly, just feels more fun.Kids make the decisions about the enrichment we offer in ASP, and we grown-ups help make those decisions a reality.





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