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New Pathway: Beginning Fall 2024

Open to Juniors and Seniors (2-year commitment)

This 2-year (1000-hour minimum) Cosmetology/Barbering pathway is dedicated to preparing students for current and emerging careers in natural hair styling, barbering, esthetics, nail specialty, and cosmetology. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the California State Licensing Exam to obtain a cosmetology/barbering license.

Students will also learn personal financial management and entrepreneurial skills as part of their pathway. 

Cosmetology 1 (Junior Level)

- Theory-based: students learn comprehensive career opportunities, industry skills in cosmetology/barbering, basic cosmetology concepts, state laws/regulations, health/safety regulations, and licensing requirements.  

- Practical application skills on doll heads and other equipment, chemistry, haircutting, chemical services, shaving, and other components. 

Cosmetology 2 (Senior Level)

- Practical Application: second-year students will continue to develop and advance their skills in the practicum of cosmetology with tools, equipment, and products. Continued theoretical and practical concepts in cosmetology and preparation for the state board licensure in California will be covered

- Students will work in a fully-functional salon on campus with real customers from the public.