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Intra/Inter District Transfers

the responsibilities related to Intra/Interdistrict Transfers involve managing the process of transferring students between schools within the district (intradistrict) or between schools in different districts (interdistrict). The department oversees the application, approval, and coordination of these transfers, ensuring that they align with district policies, regulations, and capacity.

For intradistrict transfers, the department facilitates moves between schools within the same district based on various reasons such as program offerings, specialized services, or personal circumstances. They work to balance the needs of students, available space, and school capacities.

Intra-District Transfer Request 2023-2024.pdf [English] [Spanish]

For interdistrict transfers, the department coordinates transfers between students' home district and a receiving district. This could be due to reasons such as parental employment, safety concerns, or educational opportunities not available in the home district. The department ensures that both districts agree on the terms of the transfer and that the educational needs of the students are met.

Inter-District Transfer Request 2023-2024.pdf [English] [Spanish]

Policy 5117: Interdistrict Attendance