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Special Education


Special Education services are dedicated to providing tailored support and accommodations for students with disabilities. These services aim to ensure that all students, regardless of their unique learning needs, have equal access to education and opportunities for growth.

Stanislaus County Services Available

Assistive Technology

Vision Inclusion

Orientation and Mobility

Low Incidence Coordination

Preschool Special Day Class Moderate/Severe

Emotional Disturbed Programming


504 Plan
Parents Rights (English) (Spanish)
Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

John Saylor

John Saylor, Ed.D.

Director, Special Education


Jenny Lemus

Administrative Assistant

To request special education files, assessments, or special education inquiries contact:
(209) 895-7709


Program  Specialists

Lisa Kainoa

Preschool, Autism Program


Monica Barletta

Elementary Schools


Kari Townsend

Secondary Schools