Grants play an essential role in developing and maintaining an elite school district. They have the ability to assist program development, purchase equipment that would not normally be possible, and encourage us as district to constantly evaluate our work and progress as we meet the requirements of each grant.

Grants can come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from non-minimal condition high discretion grants, to high conditioned low discretion grants, and are typically evaluated on a formulaic-based or competitive-based criteria.


Over the past couple of years, our district has acquired over $1.2 million in grant funding, and as a result has seen significant development in its Adult Education, Agriculture, Logistics, and Music Programs.


PJUSD recognizes the importance grant attainment has on a district; it also acknowledges the amount of work involved throughout not only the application process, but the implementation and evaluation as well.

As a result of the level of time and commitment involved in grant management, PJUSD primarily emphasises programs that most support the district's mission and strategic plan.

Grant and program priorities are determined on regular basis according to progress on the district strategic plan, prior grant awards, and available resources.  Each grant must be reviewed and evaluated by the superintendent and cabinet to ensure our District can support grant requirements with existing human and capital resources.


While grant staff will actively be pursuing opportunities and projects primarily based on the priorities stated above, staff may request to pursue grant projects by completing the following procedures:

  1. Select a grant that supports a previously identified program need, initiative, or project that promotes the district’s mission and objectives.

  2. Submit a completed Grants Request Form at least 5 weeks (if possible) prior to the submission deadline. Note: Late submissions may impact the ability of the Grants Staff to facilitate submitted grant requests.

Once received grant staff will review submitted requests and will either:

  1. Approve grant request and notify staff of the next steps to take, or

  2. Forward request to Executive Cabinet for further review (depending on the type of grant and the level of commitment involved)

Once approved staff must be available to respond to questions regarding content and/or assist with the composition of one or more areas of the grant.

Please note: Grant requests are not guaranteed to be approved. While the abovementioned guidelines and criteria are typically used to assist the approval process, other factors such as time, staffing, and priorities may be applied. Additionally, submission of a grant proposal does not necessarily guarantee award. While grant staff will work diligently on each grant proposal,  the reality is grant writing is cumbersome and requires detailed research, writing and editing.  Monitoring and reporting on awarded grants also requires a commitment normally lasting from one to five years.

Please also consider your time.  While the role of the grant coordinator is to be the primary writer and facilitator of the grant application process, requesting staff members will be called upon to provide letters of support, professional expertise, and detailed data for the initial grant submission and ongoing monitoring of expenditures.

Forms and Documents

Grants Request Form

Johnny Padilla
Grants & Communications Coordinator
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